The Astral Fields


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Color illustrations to the books "The Energy Fields of the Aura" volume 1 og 2



For more information look at chapter 3 in the book The Energy Fields of the Aura volume 1.

The astral energy fields
The astral energy field has the shape of an egg form. Every emotion and feeling reflects itself in the astral energy field as colors. There is many ways to illustrates the astral field. We have chosen to illustrate the colors related to the seven chakras within the astral energy system. 




The higher & lower astral fields
We divide the astral field into two areas - a higher area and a lower area. On the illustration to the right the higher astral area is over the white oval circle and the lower under the oval circle. 
Within the area of the white oval circle both lower and higher astral impulses are meeting each other.





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