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About us


Frank Lorentzen

Frank Lorentzen is a healer, author, musician and dream interpretor. He has released 10 music cd's published by Fönix Music. Beside his music production he's the author of the books  "The Energy Fields of the Aura and the book Dreams and Energy field which is in danish language. A new book The Radiation of the consciousnes is published in danish language april 2019.

The way he is working with dreams, healing, music and the energy fields of the aura, he is calling"Energy field therapy" Since 2008 Marianne and he has educated many people to "Energy Field Therapist"

The education to energy field therapist is goin on in Denmark and Sweden. For interested www.franklorentzen.info





Marianne Mikkelsen

Marianne Mikkelsen is a great healer. Marianne has worked with colours and Aura-Soma for 25 years. Beside this she has worked with essential oils and their curative effects for many years. She's the owner of the side www.aromanet.dk