Unhealthy astral conditions and colors


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Color illustrations to the books "The Energy Fields of the Aura" volume 1 og 2

Astral colors - The seven chakra colors - Back to higher astral & spiritual colors

The colors beneath can show up in dreams and meditation. Be aware special of unhealthy colors

The colors can very different from one computer to another. To see the colors as they are meant to be please connect your computer to a TV.

Page 155 - 168 in the book The Energy Fields of the Aura - volume 1. Chapter Astral Colors

Unhealthy colors

Stagnation Greed Stress
Envy - Jealousy Blind Rase - Hot temper Isolation - Loneniness


Astral colors seen in self-development and non self development

Suffering Arrogance Pride Indignation
Strong Ego Ambision Egoism Exalted feelings
The health color Vitality Poor Intellect Intellect






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