Dreams & Energy Field


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New book "Dreams & Energy Field"

The book "Dreams and Energy Field" is an encyclopedia and dictionary where the meaning of the most used symbols from dreams are described. The symbols have been found over a period of forty years of study of dreams in connection with the interpretation of dreams from hundreds of clients on a professional level.

The reason why we are dreaming and the different kind of dreams are descibed in details. The symbols and their deeper meaning are carefully described in a very useful way, which are giving the readers the opportunity to understanding the dream language and see dreams as a language.

All dreams symbols have a connection to the body and the energy field, which makes it possible to to understand the dreams on a deeper level. The meaning of the colors and the seven energy centers (chakras) are illuminated in such way that the readers can put this knowledge together with own dreams.

The book is a must if you want to understand dreams in a deeper sense. The book is written in an easy and understandable language and have 350 pages. The dream symbols are in alphabetical order. At the back of the book there is a large glossary which includes must used dream symbols. The book should be available in November 2016 and is published by Gilalai.





New book: Dreams & Energyfield


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