Dreams & Healing


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Dreams & Healing

An article written by Frank Lorentzen 2012 for a Geman magasin

All healing processes are reflecting themselves into the dreams. By looking at the dreams it is possible to follow and adjust a healing process. As a healer I have been working with the dreams for 35 years. Dreams are a very useful tool related to healing and a natural part of every deeper healing process. I define healing as “the letting go of fear”. The healing dreams will always work in the direction of “the letting go of fear”. 
Together with a lot of other healers worldwide I had found out, there is a great connection between the aura and the dreams. When there is a change within the dreams, it reflects itself into the aura. I got the skill to “see” the aura and by this gift I have been able to follow the healing processes in dreams & aura for many years. For a deeper explanation look in my book “Die Energiefelder der Aura” which is available on www.amazon.de. My homepages are. www.auric-energyfields.com & www.franklorentzen.info 

The healing aspect between dreams & the energy fields of the aura
The dreams seem to use the same themes and situations, with different variations from person to person. Those themes and situations are called “archetypes”. An archetype is a common symbol or a collective symbol and it operates in the fields C.G. Jung named “the collective unconscious”. The archetypes are specially reflecting themselves into the chakra system within the aura. The different chakras are connected with special archetypes. By being aware of those archetypes in dreams, it is possible to relate them to the chakras and body areas, which is very helpful when we work with dreams. Further down in this text there is an over view of the archetypes related to the chakras.

An example: At the root chakra at the bottom of the spine the archetypes “the elephant” and “the horse” are connected. They represent the power within the autonomic nerve system, which is connected to all the deepest survival instincts. Many people who got the feeling of being insecure many times have troubles within this chakra and body area. They are using a lot of energy to fight against this feeling. If a person starts to be conscious of this problem, a healing process starts. It shows up as a healing initiation dream, which comes from the spiritual layer of the aura, where it starts a healing process, which always is a coming down on earth process. It will by the time coming closer to the core of the problem. When the healing process has come close enough, the person will dream about a snake, where the dreamer and the snake have a deep eye contact. The snake symbolises the fear within the autonomic nerve system. The eye contact in dreams indicates that the person now is mature enough to confront the fear within the autonomic nerve system. The last step in the healing process comes, when the person is dreaming that a snake bites her or him. This shows that the person has defeated the fear that made her or him insecure. This is a typical healing process and it links very well to the myth below. 

In the ancient Greek, the GOD of healing, ”Askepilos”, told the sick people, who came to his temple to seek help against illness and problems, they had to stay in his temple until a snake had bite them in a dream. After this they were allowed to leave his temple. They were cured.
If a healing process shall succeed, we need to understand the nature of the dreams otherwise it can be difficult to work correctly. What is the function of the dreams? What is a meaning of a dream? How can we learn to interpret a dream? Is it possible to learn the meaning of the many symbols in dreams? 

The function of dreams
Freud and C.G. Jung said: “That the dreams were complementary to the reality. The dreams primary function is to keep the mind and the personality within a balanced state. 90 % of all dreams have this function. If we weren’t allowed to dream we would simply get mad. To keep the mental balance the dreams are using their complementary function. If we got unbalanced attitude to life it will shows up in the dreams as the opposite of this unbalance. If a person suppresses his anger it will show up in dreams as angry animals or persons, where the anger is pointed against the dreamer. This is the normally function of dreams. The healing processes always start, when a person begins to acknowledgement a bad attitude to life. The complementary dreams are helping a person forward to this position of acknowledgement. The complementary dreams push by nature the personality in the direction of this acknowledgement. In that sense the function of the complementary dreams has an increasing healing function.
 The dreams are many times also using situations from the present day where those situations are brought into the dreams. This happens especially if the personality has been touched by unconscious emotions. Many times that kind of dreams is chaotic. But if you look closer to them, they always try to make the dreamer aware of the unconscious emotions.

Self development and dreams 
C.G. Jung has written at lot of how to work with the dreams. He divided the dreams into three big areas. The shadow – The Animus/Anima dreams – Dreams of wisdom.
The work with shadow is the first step related to self development, which I had described in my book. The shadow is an unconscious emotional aspect within the dreamer, who many times has the same sex as the dreamer. It is called the shadow because of some unconscious emotional aspect is laying in darkness. The shadow dreams come from the three lower chakras: The root, hara and solar plexus chakra.
The animus/anima dreams are about the opposite sex. The female within the male and the male within the female. There are many layers within those dreams. When we have a real animus/anima dream we will never forget it. It will make a very deep impression of the dreamer. The dreamer is dreaming about the second part of himself. That kind of dreams comes from the heart chakra. 
The dreams of wisdom are related to the inner guidance function which often is represented by an old wise man or an old wise woman. In those dreams interpretation is not necessary. The wise man or woman is telling the dreamer directly what to do. Those dreams come from the upper chakras especially from the crown chakra. 

How to speed up the healing process.
Dreams seem to be released from different layers of unconscious energy within the personality. The aura is a reflection of conscious & unconscious energy. From my point of view the healing dreams are released from what we call the layer of the spiritual potential within the consciousness and the aura. As a healer I work to connect a person to this special healing energy. When it succeeds it many times release a healing dream, which reflects it self within the aura in certain energy circulations between the body and the aura. Between the body and the aura natural energy circulations are operating. The quantum science is calling them information streams. I am calling them “interconnector”. By conscious using the awareness within the circulation of an interconnector, it is possible to speed up the healing processes, which shows up in the dreams and within the aura. The healing processes without support from the interconnectors can last from 2 – 10 years. This is very individual from person to person. Healing processes with support from interconnectors reduces the length of the time up to 70 % without any forcing of the healing process. I describe exercises with the interconnectors in my book “Die Energiefelder der Aura”.  I have been working with dreams in that way for many years and I have never experienced any bad complications in all those years. But I don’t recommend people with mental illness to work with interconnector exercises. The working with dreams released by the exercises with interconnector seems to be a safely way for the modern way of life.

The symbol language of dreams
The next step in the understanding and interpretation of the dreams is the symbolic language, which is a language as any other language. It can be learned, and it needs the time and practice as any other language. I suggest people to be a part of a dream group. It is my experience we learn a lot through listening to other people’s dreams. There are a lot of books about dreams and symbols and the interpretation of the symbols, but many times on a superficial level. Within a dream group the learning of the dreams symbolic languages becomes alive. The sharing aspect within a dream group is very important if we want to learn the symbolic language of dreams. In a dream group you relate to the dreams with the body, feelings, intellect and intuition. Many times the information’s within a book only relates to the intellect. But the dreams are operating on a deeper level than the intellectual understanding. 

The archetypes related to dreams and chakras and their different body areas
You can work with you symbols from dream by related them to the chakra system. An example: If you dream about a bird it relates to the heart chakra and breast area. Place the bird in this body area and try to feel you contact to this area. That is a simple way to work with dreams.

The root chakra. The 1. chakra. Body areas feet & legs and the sacrum area 
Symbols and situations from dreams related to the root chakra and the basic things in life.
Color: Red - Element: Earth - The physical reality – Economy – Family - work & jobs -security - the common sense - the autonomic nerve system - positive condition: success - negative condition: failure - sense: the smell.
Animal symbols: Elephant, horse, saurians, reptiles, insects and snakes. 

The hara chakra. The 2. chakra. Body area: The abdominal cavity, kidneys, bladders, the lumbar area. 
Symbols and situations from dreams related to the hara chakra.
Place: 3-4 cm below the navel - Colour: Orange - Element: Water - Spontaneity, playing, lust, - sexuality, reproduction - the sense of rhythm - the different fazes of life. - Positive condition: calm. - Negative condition: Aggression - Sense: taste.
Animal symbols: Whale, water animals, orange animals, snakes, cat animals (not lions).

The solar plexus chakra. The 3. chakra. Body areas: solar plexus, the spleen, the liver, stomach, the pancreas, the area between the shoulder blades and the lower part of the thoracic vertebra.
Symbols and situations from dreams related to the solar plexus chakra.
Colour: Yellow - Element: Fire - Emotions & Feelings - Point of View - Digestion - The inner fire - Positive condition: Love - Negative condition: Fear - Sense: The eyes.
Animal symbols: The Lion = the instinct of power – the Dog = the instinct of limits – goats & sheep’s, when some bad attitude of the emotional life has to be sacrificed. 

The heart chakra. The 4. chakra. Body areas: The breast, the lungs, the heart, the upper part of the shoulders, the thymus and the upper part of the thoracic vertebra. 
Place: Middle of the breast area - Colour: Green - Element: the air & wind – Compassion & Accept – The meeting of contradiction in equality - The heart energy - Feelings of unity - Contact to nature and universe. Positive condition: Joy - Negative: sorrow - Sense: the sensitivity.
Animal symbols: deer’s & antelopes with big antlers, birds. 

The throat chakra. The 5. chakra. Body area: the throat, the neck, the mouth, the teethes, the chin area, the nose, the thyroid gland and from 1 to 6 of the cervical vertebra. 
Symbols and situations from dreams related to the throat chakra. 
Colour: Blue - Element: Sound – Healing & communication – telepathy - Higher consciousness - the deeper will - Positive condition: releasing - Negative condition: suppressing - Sense: The expression- delicious odours.
Animal Symbol: White elephant = the different dimension of consciousness are equally within the personality – The first 1. level within higher consciousness, angels, spiritual masters & spiritual impulses. 

The pineal chakra. The 6. chakra. Body area: the upper part of the back head from where the spine ends up to where the top of the head begins, the side of the head over the ears, the forehead up to where the crown begins.
Place: Middle of the forehead - colour: indigo - element: light -  Love of GOD - transcendent of dualism -  Higher Consciousness – the specific clairvoyance – the intuition – the intelligence - the ability to decide – connection to colours – The positive condition: Lightness – The negative condition: Destructive heaviness.
Symbols: light, sun, colours of light and the rainbow - Higher consciousness - cosmic consciousness – Archangels - cosmic impulses – The divine plan of creation.

The crown chakra. The 7. chakra. Body area: at the top of the head.
Symbols and situations from dreams related to the crown chakra. 
Colour: violet - element: All & non - Function: The crown chakra is a unit point for all the other chakras.  If a chakra is out of balance it will show up in the crown, from where inner impulses of wisdom always will try to rebalance an unbalanced chakra. It is the place from where higher impulses of higher consciousness, inner guidance, and spiritual energy are coming.
Spiritual colours: Violet, gold, rose pink, white and sky blue. 

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