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Einstein: “The Field is determined the particle of the matter.”

There are many types of healing. Quantum energy field therapy (Q.E.F.T.) is the very special healing art based of the living integrity between energy field and the physical body. Quantum energy field therapy is a very powerfull, gentle healing method to restore balance between body, mind and soul.

Between the body and the energy fields, many energy circulation's are operating, which the quantum physics are calling information streams. From our point of view all energy circulations are links between the consciousness and the body. When something happens within the body it can be related to the consciousness and the energy field. The quantum energy field therapy works with the energy circulations, which are essential for achivement of healing.

If a person is chronically ill it can be difficult to created self healing. But quantum energy field therapy can facilitates and often create a reasonable life even with a chronic illness.

By using conscious awareness within certain points on the body and within the energi field, it is possible to created permanently self healing for people who are not chronically ill. As same time quantum energy field therapy is preventive against physical illnesses and creates a much better quality of life on all levels.

By our education program you will learn how to work with 50 different energy circulation related to energy points on the body and within the aura. By using conscious awareness within those energy circulation and points is the key to a healthy healing process and self development.

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