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Harmonic Resonance is composed between 1997-1999.
Frank Lorentzens own words about Harmonic Resonance:

The sound recording of the singing crystal bowls are used on different compositions, where sound and colour are in focus. Every sound is energetically inseparable with a colour, which express the atmosphere the sound radiate. By combining sound and colour consciously were the different music pieces on Harmonic Resonans created. It's the reason why the different titles are named as colourthemes.

My own experience with Harmonic Resonance is that the music and the sound brings especially the body in a deep relaxed state, deeper than I normally experience with meditative music. The respons I get from different people, who have experience in this field confirms that. Harmonic Resonans is very useful in bringing balance between body and mind. For meditators it's very useful to bring them deeper in their meditation. Harmonic Resonans serves well as a background for Yoga-Nidra.


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