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Serenity is created during 2003. Must of the music is composed from 9-16 April 2003 at the Castle of Praque. At this period Frank Lorentzen was living at the Castle of Praque in connection to a concert he played on the Castle the 15 April 2003.

Serenity is an album of light. The first four numbers are melodious and talk to the heart. The rest of the numbers are meditative music combined with the sound from seven crystal bowls and in the background the water sound from a silent source. That part of the music is very useful for deeper relaxation, massage, healing and meditation.

The front cover of Serenity is painted by the famous and great Czech painter Zdenek Hajny. Frank Lorentzen did a seminar at the gallery of Zdenek Hajny in 2001. Zdenek Hajny has freely given Frank Lorentzen his permission to use his painting "Betlemska krajina V" to the front cover of Serenity. Visit the gallery of Zdenek Hajny in Prague on

This CD is dedicated to Bob Moore.
A grateful thanks to Laila, Marianne Mikkelsen, Emil and Sofie and Tonik Fuksa.
Special thanks to Zdenek Hajny.


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