The Four Etheric Fields


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Color illustrations to the books "The Energy Fields of the Aura" volume 1 og 2


The etheric energy  system supply the physical body with life energy. In the East the life energy is called prana or chi energy. 

The etheric energy field function through two inner layers inside the physical body and two layers outside the physical body.

When the whole etheric energy field function well, the four etheric energy fields are interacting with each other and the physical body.

1. The light blue layer is called "The field of health"

2. The yellow layer is called "The Present & Manifestation Field.

3. The blue layer is called "The field of Truth"

4. The dark green layer is called "The field for Chemical Structures".

For much more information look at chapter One in the book "The Energy Fields of the aura" volume 1.





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